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SPAR's What A Blast

Medium Brown
ARI# 31469814
Fee $1,000

Breeder's cooments:Blast's first show, The Great Western Alpaca Show in Denver, he won 1st place in a very competitive class of 8 even though he was one of the youngest in the class. I have no doubt that his exceptional luster brought him first place position. Blast also has a wonderful soft handling fleece for a dark brown alpaca. He is a very sweet, willing to please young male. Like his 1/2 brother Kaboom, he has a beautiful suri head and beard. Blast would be a nice addition to your suri breeding program, especially if you are looking to produce color.

1st Place GWAS 2009- Denver(class of 8)

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Saint Louis, MO 63138
(314) 629 - 2927

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