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Suri Peak's Jobe

Full Peruvian, Coal Man Son
ARI# 31093613
Fee $1,750

Breeder's cooments:Cotton Blossom has done it again giving me an awesome high quality cria. It's no wonder I continue to keep Cotton as a foundation female. Suri Peak's Jobe has it all! He is lustrous with beautiful uniform locking from head to toe. Check out the locks on his top knot and cheeks. Jobe's fleece is fine and very uniform. Check out his histogram: AFD 18.2, SD 4.0, CV 22.0%, and 99.1% comfort factor. I look for Jobe to produce color with excellent fleece quality. He also has one of the most beautiful and typey suri heads I have ever seen. Jobe has excellent conformation and perfect bite. He has great substance of bone and is a big cria weighing 70 pounds at just under 3 months of age. Jobe is beige in color, but with his sire being Suri Peak's Coal Man, his potential to produce dark offspring should be quite high. Bred to color, Jobe could produce some awesome results.

1st Place Mid-America Alpaca Show 2008
1st Place ABR Fall Festival 2008
1st Place Southwest Regional 2009
Color Champion Southwest Regional 2009
2nd Place Bred & Owned Yearling MOPACA Invitational 2009
3rd Place Halter MOPACA Invitational 2009
3rd Place GWAS 2009- Denver
2nd Place AOBA Nationals 2009
2nd Place Suri Symposium Fleece Show 2009

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Saint Louis, MO 63138
(314) 629 - 2927

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