Alpaca Patch

Suri Peak's Star Man

Full Peruvian, Orbit son
ARI# 31093705
Chip# 094812833
Fee $1,000

Breeder's comments:Suri Peak's Star Man is full Peruvian and 3/4 Accoyo. He brings together some of the best proven suri genetics in the USA. His sire, SPAR's Accoyo Orbit, is a Torbio son, and his dam, Jackpot's Jewell, is a daughter of the well known and now deceased Accoyo Jackpot. Look further back and you find PPeruvian Uribe and 4Peruvian Miguel as well. Star Man is a power house of genetics just waiting to happen! He has inherited his sire's typey head, or we might say the Torbio head. Star Man has wonderful luster and beautiful locking. Excellent conformation and a perfect bite are also part of the package with this young male. He stands proud with a natural show presence about him.

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Saint Louis, MO 63138
(314) 629 - 2927

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